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Acupunctur / Moxa treatment

In acupuncture the body is brought back into harmony, by ensuring that the chi (or energy) is distributed through the body.  This is done by the insertion of fine needles into specific acupuncture points, by certain random manners and the manipulated of the needles. If the Chi of the body flows in harmony,  is balanced, and sufficient, the person is healthy and resistant to pathogenic factors. Acupuncture is based on a pathways system - called meridians (Chinese: jing luo). These points are like a net which are distributed over the whole body. This pathway systemᅠ is connected to the internal organs.


By manipulation the exterior (Skin and Meridians) with acupuncture needles and their manipulation, the inside  (organs) can be reached.


In the Moxa treatment, mugwort herb is burned. This is done  in a Moxabox on an acupuncture needle (hot needle) on ginger / garlic etc.. This method is mostly used with cold systems.


My Master states: "A TCM practice that does not smell of moxa, is not a right practice"