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Acupunctur / Moxa treatment


In acupuncture, fine needles are used in certain random manner and through needle manipulation,  to bring back the harmony of the bodies Chi. If the bodies Chi is harmonious and sufficiently, the person is healthy and resistant to disease-causing factors. Acupuncture is based on a Leitbahnensystem, called meridians (Chinese: Jing Luo), these are like a net that is distributed over the body. This system  is connected to the internal organs.


So manipulating the acupuncture needles exterritorialy (skin & meridians) we can reach the inside (organs).


In the moxa treatment, mugwort hebs are burned. This is done in various ways, e.g., in a Moxabox on an acupuncture needle (hot needle) on ginger / garlic etc. This method is mainly applied to cold symptoms


My Master said: "A TCM practice that does not smell of moxa, is not a right one."