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Medical or Health - Chi Kung / Qi Gong


In TCM Chi Kung (vital energy exercise) is mostly used to support, but can be used individually, therapy. After a TCM diagnosis, a fitting Chi Kung is selected,  based on the problems of  the  patients.

This medical-or health-Chi Kung is practiced so that the patient can practice the exercises them independently at home and thus obrtvcome his problem and gets back on track.


The Chi Kung principles are to increase the body's Chi, to harmonize these, and dissolve Chi blockages. Thus, recovery is achieved or achieved healthy.


Many scientific studies show that the healing process is accelerated by Chi Kung, or was stimulated by it. It was also found that the immune system is strengthened. This is done through the increased production of blood cells which important to the people. This has been proven by laboratory tests.




Chi Kung / Qi Gong Heilung und Chi ├ťbertragung


Chi Kung healing art is unique in Germany, and is rarely used in the TCM healing.

As a Chi Kung healer I open necessary acupuncture points through my Chi transfer, which initiated the healing process. A series of treatments includes both individual exercises, energetic activation of acupuncture points, and energy elimination of blockages, which were the cause of each individual problem.After this activation of healing, the patient must continue the personal home exercises to complete recovery