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Gua Sha


In my TCM Praxis the Gua Sha method is used by is scraping the oiled skin with a jade stone along the muscles. Through repeated scraping of the muscles, the blood circulation is enhanced and the Chi flow is activated. His method may cause strong skin discoloration which will disappeared after a few days. It is common, that the stronger the blockade the greater the skin discoloration.


Gua Sha is often used as  prevention and for strengthening of the immune system;  ie without an acute event.



Tuina (An Mo Tui Na)


This form of massage in TCM is known as "On" (pressing), "Mo" (Turning), "Tui" (Rub) and "Na" (pushing), and these are also the same time the main forms of therapy. . In general, it is called Tuina massage. It is based on the theory of Yin and Yang, the life energy (chi), the energy pathways (meridians) and energy points (acupuncture points). These terms were marked by doctors of traditional medicine over 2000 years ago, in the time of the legendary Yellow Emperor (Huang Di). We find the first mentioning of this massage already in Huang Di Nei Jing, the classic book of the Yellow Emperor of internal medicine. In addition, there has been a text book, from the same time about it - Huang Qi Bo An Mo Shi Juan, (Classic of ten chapters on massage and breathing exercises).